Terms & Conditions

Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees, North Yorkshire.

Appointment Booking / Cancellation Policy

In order for us to provide a prompt and efficient service, there are a couple of things that we require of all our patients – we need you to attend your appointment punctually and to settle your account with us promptly. When people make appointments and don’t turn up, this is a terrible waste of our working day and makes waiting times longer than necessary. Believe it or not, there are also some people who will turn up and have their treatment done and then leave without paying, which in the past this has created lots of additional work for our admin team, and in too many cases we’ve ended up with bad debts. We certainly don’t want to pass on this additional cost to the rest of our honest, punctual patients who wouldn’t dream of behaving in this way.

In light of this, we have made some important changes to how appointments are made and how they can be rescheduled. Although we realise the reasons for this do not apply to the majority of our loyal patients, in the interest of fairness, we have to ensure the policy is the same for everyone.

These changes have been made with immediate effect.

We require payment in full at the time of booking, in order to secure your appointment.
We require a minimum of 3 working days’ notice for cancellation or rescheduling of appointments.
Failure to attend your appointment will result in a fee of £100 per hour of the appointment that is lost.

Arriving Late To Your Appointment

Before we introduced our policy, it was a regular occurrence that people were arriving late to their appointment. When someone turns up late, it means that the clinic is running behind for the rest of the day and subsequent patients who arrive punctually are left waiting. We all know that traffic can be unpredictable and occasionally it takes a bit of time to find a suitable parking space, so please allow yourself plenty of travelling time.

In light of this, we made some important changes regarding arriving late to your appointment.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment should you be late for your appointment.
You will need to pay a fee of £100 per hour or part thereof for the appointment that has been wasted before you can rebook.

Please don’t fail to attend on time.

Thank you

We realise the reasons for this do not apply to the majority of patients, and we really didn’t want to have to do this, but in the interest of fairness we have to ensure the policy is the same for everyone.