Pain free dentistry with the Wand STA (single tooth anaesthetic)

At Enhance Dental Care we have invested in the WAND technology to make anxiety and discomfort a thing of the past. Not only is it painless, it is virtually sensationless. This means that you can relax, confident in the knowledge that your entire procedure will be completely comfortable.

The Wand STA how does it work?

The discomfort experienced during an injection is generally caused by the pressure of the anaesthetic fluid being syringed into the gum. The microprocessor inside The Wand™ automatically compensates for different tissue densities and the anaesthetic itself is delivered at a constant pressure and volume so that the injection itself is hardly felt.

The Wand is a very accurate method of delivering your anaesthetic, so we can target the area we will be working on during your treatment. In many cases you don’t even get the numb lip effect, so you can smile with confidence, knowing you are not going to dribble!

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