GDC & CQC Compliance

Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees, North Yorkshire.

Statement of purpose

This practice is registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission for the following activities.

Aims and Objectives

We always aim to deliver a very high standard of dental treatment in a caring, safe, and thoughtful environment aiming to provide excellent oral health to all our patients attending the practice. It is our aim to always provide the highest quality dental treatment in line with current and past research and evidence, choosing a minimally invasive approach where possible. The service we provide will increase the awareness of prevention and positive health choices. We keep abreast with current dental techniques through continual education and training so that we may deliver comprehensive treatment choices to our patients. We list below the regulated activities carried out:

1 Diagnostic and screening procedures

  • To arrange and agree appointments and review appointments within an appropriate personal time frame with patients. 

  • To perform a full detailed examination of patient’s oral health using relevant diagnostic equipment considering relevant medical history. 
  • To establish an individually developed personal dental health regime for each patient to meet their dental care needs and aim for a high level of oral health.

2. Treatment disease, disorder, or injury

  • To provide a high quality and a range of dental services to the community including consultations, x-rays, routine restorative work, cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics, endodontic, treatment of periodontal disease. 

  • To inform patients of the results of such diagnostic and screening procedure with a view to discussing treatment options, costs, risks, advice etc.

  • To refer to appropriately qualified dental practitioners with special interests where necessary and will provide temporary treatment if required. 

  • To keep patients well-informed of costs and to discuss treatment progress at each stage, obtaining relevant consent. 

  • To create an atmosphere in the practice in which the patients feel relaxed and able to discuss freely their dental health issues. 

  • To provide a service based on prevention and to establish a personal treatment plan for the patient. 

3. Surgical Procedures

To provide detailed information and explanations to patients where a surgical procedure is necessary outlining the benefits, procedures involved, risks and outcomes etc.
  • To obtain valid consent for all surgical procedures carried out at the practice. 

  • To monitor patient progress in accordance with relevant clinical protocols to ensure that recovery is both full and uneventful.

CQC Registration Number: 1-285068929
Provider ID: 1-153038649 

Location ID: 1-201769822

Practice aims

We have core practice aims and values that we publicly promote to patients, and these are as follows:

As a practice we will: 

  • Wherever possible, see patients on time and give an apology and an explanation if we run late by more than 10 minutes.
  • Operate within a policy and culture of openness and honesty in everything that we do. 

  • Use good quality materials and approved techniques. 

  • Support continuing staff training and development.

  • Spend sufficient time with the patient to meet their clinical needs.
  • Promote a culture of good and open communication with patients so they can help shape our service provision.

Our patients can help us achieve these aims by: 

  • Patients only book appointments which they are able to attend.

  • Understanding the need for change to sustain a good quality service.
  • Patients are tolerant in circumstances where things do not always go to plan, as many procedural steps are involved in complex treatments. 

  • When providing feedback on any aspect of service – this is done in a non-confrontational, friendly and courteous manner. We will always try to accommodate patient’s views and respond quickly and sympathetically.
  • We require each patient to provide to us with an accurate Medical History detailing past and present conditions including medication.

Patient Involvement Rights 

Enhance Dental Care takes full account of patient comments, their rights and autonomy. 

At the Practice we conduct regular survey of patient views on the service care and treatment provided. The practice information leaflet and website available to patients to give full details of services provided and invite comments to any member of staff.

Enhance Dental Care has an in-house complaints policy for the effective and easy resolution of patient’s complaints and concern. 

Patients’ needs and expectations are assessed at the outset and treatment alternatives, benefits and risks are explained fully before treatment is started and informed consent is always secured.

DBS CHECKS – Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Check

All staff members at Enhance Dental Care hold a current Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Check as required by the Health and Social Care Act.

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Statement

Enhance Dental Care recognises the principles of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights for its patients and for its employees.

Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation are defined in our practice policy. All staff are required to conform to this policy and to bring to the attention of Peter Farrage or their Practice Manager, any issues which might violate the principles contained in our policy.

Peter Farrage is responsible for considering and acting if any instances which may breach our policy are brought to his attention. 

Enhance Dental Care recognises and conforms to the Human Rights Act 1998. 

Safeguarding Adults and Children Statement 

Enhance Dental Care is committed to ensure that every patient we deliver services to is safe and protected from harm. This means we will always work to:

  • Protect adults and children from maltreatment.
  • Prevent impairment of adults and children’s mental and physical health or development.
  • Identify adults and children who may be in need of additional support.
  • Ensure that our services assist adults and children to be safe.

We have a Safeguarding policy that gives clear direction to staff, those in receipt of our services and parents and carers about expected behaviour and our responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of all adults and children.

We recognise the contribution we can make to protect adults and children from harm, as well as supporting and promoting the welfare of those that we come in to contact with when delivering services.

Quality Assurance Statement

Our “Practice Based Quality Assurance System” compromises of:

  • A system to ensure that all dental care provided is of a consistent quality.
  • A system to ensure that effective measures of infection control are used.
  • A system to ensure that all legal requirements relating to health and safety in the workplace are satisfied.
  • A system to ensure that all legal requirements relating to radiological protection are satisfied.
  • A system to ensure that any requirements of the General Dental Council in respect of the continuing professional development of dentists and that dental team are satisfied.

GDC Standard Core Principles

This practice is registered and regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC).

Enhance Dental Care is committed to delivering first class dental care and embraces the GDC’s standards, which came into effect 30th September 2013.

  1. Put patients’ interests first.
  2. Communicate effectively with patients.
  3. Obtain valid consent.
  4. Maintain and protect patients’ information.
  5. Have a clear and effective complaints procedure.
  6. Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients’ best interests.
  7. Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills.
  8. Raise concerns if patients are at risk.
  9. Make sure your personal behaviour maintains patients’ confidence in you and the dental profession.

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