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There are several ways to replace the gaps of extracted teeth such as dentures, implants and bridges.

Dentures are a great appliance that are often used to replace gaps, dentures are removable and generally the most aesthetically pleasing option that are easy to maintain. They can give you back the ability to once again eat and talk properly.

Denture Repairs

A denture breakage can be very inconvenient so we will always do our best to rectify the damage quickly. Depending on the damage or the repair that is required most dentures can be repaired and returned within 48 hours.

Alternatives to partial dentures

If a denture does not sound suitable for yourself then the alternative options of bridges and implants may be the type of treatment you require. We will always discuss with you each of your options and work to find what will make your day to day life most comfortable.

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Dentures from £295

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