Dental Hygienist

Sometimes you just need a bit more help to maintain that fresh, clean smile.

Our hygienist will work with you to get rid of hard to reach or problem areas that may be causing a build up of plaque or tartar which can cause gum disease and bad breath.

You may think you are cleaning your teeth regularly but it's often the case that we can miss some areas of the mouth or just don't have the right tool or technique to get a really good clean.

Seeing a hygienist is essential to maintain a healthy mouth free of gum disease and ensure that any dental work carried out is kept in the best possible condition.

Our hygienist are able to offer the following advice and treatments

  • Teeth whitening
  • Superficial scaling
  • Deep sub-gingival cleaning known as root planing
  • Polishing away plaque and staining
  • Eliminating food trapping areas
  • Flossing advice and instruction
  • Toothbrush or mouthwash recommendations
  • Dietary advice
  • Learn new oral hygiene techniques, eg, TePe brushes, Superfloss

It is not necessary to see a dentist before you book a hygienist appointment. Our hygienist and therapist can offer advice on all aspects of dental hygiene as well as performing professional clean and polish, teeth whitening and white fillings.

Regular check ups and hygienist appointments

Treatment Price with dental plan
Oral Hygiene Visits £55 (30 minutes) Free

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