So, you want your teeth whitening?

This is the most popular topic in cosmetic dentistry – teeth whitening! As time goes on (the polite way of saying as we get older!) teeth get darker and darker, and that’s why whitening teeth makes you look younger. For the right candidates it is a relatively quick, safe, painless, non-invasive way of taking years off the appearance of your smile. But, you may ask, is teeth whitening suitable for me?

We’ll need to check that it is safe to whiten your teeth first, and that means checking for things like cavities, fractures, tooth decay and gum disease first – you don’t want existing minor problems to become painful major ones. Also, tooth whitening works very well on natural teeth but will have no effect on crowns, veneers or fillings, so it is vitally important to get a professional opinion before starting out – it might end up just being a waste of time and money, or worse, it could leave you with a chess board-like collection of some white and some dark teeth. Not a good look! This is why it is illegal for non-dental professionals to carry out whitening. Also, legitimate suppliers are forbidden from providing teeth whitening products to non-dentists, so not only do they not know what they are doing, they don’t know what reagents or concentrations they are using.

You will probably want to see our hygienist first to remove all plaque, tartar and staining from all surfaces of all your teeth so that we can bleach your teeth rather than the just stains. That way you get a more impressive result that lasts longer. People ask, how long does tooth whitening last, and the answer is that your teeth will always be lighter than if you hadn’t had the procedure, however, teeth will continue to darken with time – it’s like winding the clock back, not stopping the clock – so you might want to top up occasionally to maintain the benefits of a bright, white smile for the long term.

Before the law changed, we used to be able to get decent results with one-hour whitening. Now that we are restricted to using lower concentration whitening gels, it takes longer, ideally overnight for a couple of weeks or so. Not the instant result that everyone wants, but it is far more predictable and comfortable, with far fewer instances of sensitivity. We offer a couple of packages for your whitening procedure. They both work well and predictably, but one comes with your own desensitising kit to take home with you and has a guarantee of shade B1 or lighter.

One final thing to mention, whitening toothpastes and off-the-shelf kits don’t work. We’d sell them if they did. Save your time and money and get it done professionally for guaranteed impressive results that last.