So, you want your teeth whitening?

This is the most popular topic in cosmetic dentistry – teeth whitening! As time goes on (the polite way of saying as we get older!) teeth get darker and darker, and that’s why whitening teeth makes you look younger. For the right candidates it is a relatively quick, safe, painless, non-invasive way of taking years off the appearance of your smile. But, you may ask, is teeth whitening suitable for me?

We’ll need to check that it is safe to whiten your teeth first, and that means checking for things like cavities, fractures, tooth decay and gum disease first – you don’t want existing minor problems to become painful major ones. Also, tooth whitening works very well on natural teeth but will have no effect on crowns, veneers or fillings, so it is vitally important to get a professional opinion before starting out – it might end up just being a waste of time and money, or worse, it could leave you with a chess board-like collection of some white and some dark teeth. Not a good look! This is why it is illegal for non-dental professionals to carry out whitening. Also, legitimate suppliers are forbidden from providing teeth whitening products to non-dentists, so not only do they not know what they are doing, they don’t know what reagents or concentrations they are using.

You will probably want to see our hygienist first to remove all plaque, tartar and staining from all surfaces of all your teeth so that we can bleach your teeth rather than the just stains. That way you get a more impressive result that lasts longer. People ask, how long does tooth whitening last, and the answer is that your teeth will always be lighter than if you hadn’t had the procedure, however, teeth will continue to darken with time – it’s like winding the clock back, not stopping the clock – so you might want to top up occasionally to maintain the benefits of a bright, white smile for the long term.

Before the law changed, we used to be able to get decent results with one-hour whitening. Now that we are restricted to using lower concentration whitening gels, it takes longer, ideally overnight for a couple of weeks or so. Not the instant result that everyone wants, but it is far more predictable and comfortable, with far fewer instances of sensitivity. We offer a couple of packages for your whitening procedure. They both work well and predictably, but one comes with your own desensitising kit to take home with you and has a guarantee of shade B1 or lighter.

One final thing to mention, whitening toothpastes and off-the-shelf kits don’t work. We’d sell them if they did. Save your time and money and get it done professionally for guaranteed impressive results that last.

Dental Treatments

Dental treatments

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Anyone can book a treatment at Enhance Dental Care, whether you are already a patient, or new to our practice. We accept referrals for root canal treatments from NHS and private dental practices without risk of you losing your current registration. Patients wanting cosmetic dental work or one-off treatments can book with Enhance, whilst remaining a patient at their existing practice.

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Dental Maintenance Plans

Dental maintenance plans

Regular Dental Care helps prevent a range of dental problems.

Affordable dental plans.

If you attend the practice on a regular basis then you have peace of mind that your routine dental care is covered and get discounted rates for cosmetic or restorative treatments.

Dental maintenance plan (Adult)

Our adult maintenance plan is £15.47 per month and covers:

  • Two dental health examinations per year.
  • Free dental health examinations for children under 4 when attending a parent’s appointment.
  • Two scale and polishes per year.
  • All routine x-rays.
  • 20% discount on any treatment required.
  • Diet and oral hygiene advice.
  • Membership card with 24 hour helpline numbers for dental emergencies at home and abroad.
  • Worldwide supplementary insurance.

There is no need for an assessment, just give us a call and we will process your membership application for you. Your first month's payment will include a one off registration fee of £10 per person. If you choose to end your dental plan you can do by simply providing a one month notice.

Worldwide supplementary insurance.

Your supplementary insurance included in all our plans covers you for:

  • Up to £10,000 worth of treatment following dental injury.
  • Temporary emergency treatment whilst away from home in the UK or abroad.
  • Call out fees charged to open a surgery out of normal hours.
  • Hospital cash benefits if under the care of an oral / maxillofacial surgeon.
  • Cash benefit if diagnosed with oral cancer.

For full details please refer to your policy documents or call a member of our team on 01642 782434.

Dental emergencies

Your membership plan includes access to a 24 hour 365 day worldwide dental emergency helpline, which will endeavour to find an English speaking dentist to assist you.

Under 18's dental care plan

Our under 18's maintenance plan is £6.75 per month and covers:

  • Two dental health examinations per year.
  • All x-rays as necessary.
  • Necessary preventative measures, such as hygiene visits
  • All deciduous fillings and extractions.
  • Prompt appointments in school holidays and after school.
  • 20% discount for any treatment on permanent teeth.
  • Diet and oral hygiene advice.
  • Membership card with 24 hour helpline numbers for dental emergencies at home and abroad.
  • Worldwide supplementary insurance.

If desired, you can add two extra hygienist visits to your membership plan for just £6.73 per month.

Under 4's receive FREE routine exams

Children aged 0-4 will receive a free dental check, when attending their parents routine dental health check. If you let a member of our staff know then we can make sure adequate time is available in your appointment time. Please note children are not be covered by your plans supplementary insurance.

Dental finance options

Spread the cost of your dental treatment with the help of a dental loan. Loans can be used for cosmetic and general dental procedures. Find out more about spreading the cost of your dental treatments.

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Claim forms.

If you need to submit a Request for Assistance, please download and complete the appropriate Request for Assistance Form below. The resources are linked direct to the Global Dental Scheme website.

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Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

A Hollywood smile in Yarm, North Yorkshire

Whether you want a 'Hollywood' smile or maybe you prefer a more natural beauty

Customers who express an interest in veneers or our other cosmetic dental treatments, are either looking to 'enhance' their appearance or regain a loss of confidence as a result of damage or decay to their teeth.

Dental veneers are increasingly becoming the treatment of choice for patients who are unhappy with their smile. Offering fast and reliable results.

Call the practice on 01642 782434 and ask to book a cosmetic assessment with Dr. Peter Farrage and talk through your options with our , and decide what is right for you.

"I wanted the full smile"

Treatment price with dental plan
Veneers £735 £735

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Guaranteed teeth whitening results!

Get a brighter, whiter smile at Enhance Dental Care Yarm.

Many people want to know which teeth whitening option is right for them. They may have previously tried whitening toothpastes or mouthwashes or may have bought off-the-shelf home tooth whitening kits from high street chemists.

No matter where your teeth start on the shade guide, we guarantee you'll get B1 or lighter.

Our recommended teeth whitening treatments

Below are treatments we have tried and tested, which one suits you will depend on your expectations, your budget and your lifestyle. Get in touch with us today and we can help you choose which teeth whitening treatment is best for you.

Enlighten deep bleaching teeth whitening

Enlighten deep bleaching teeth whitening

If you’re looking for the best, then look no further. This is the best system that we know. Suitable for those wanting really bright, white results! It even works for those who have heavily stained or discoloured teeth.

Enlighten teeth whitening comes with a guarantee, that, your smile will be shade B1 or brighter with off the scale results guaranteed.  Expect long lasting results from this dentist approved teeth whitening kit, that you use in the comfort of your own home.

Stay whiter for longer

Buy a 5ml 16% Carbamide Peroxide syringe is perfect if you would like to top up your whitening at home. This is suitable for patients who already have custom made trays.

Treatment price
Enlighten Whitening £550
Enlighten Single Syringe Top up whitening Gel £60

Boutique teeth whitening

Boutique whitening

Boutique whitening is similar to the Enlighten system, but without the “B1 or lighter” guarantee. This system uses a whitening gel which gently whitens your teeth overnight.

Boutique whitening is lower priced, and although it doesn't offer guaranteed results, many of our patients have had great results with this option. If you could do with a little help or guidance then a member of our clinical team will be happy to access your current tooth colour and advise you of your options.

Stay whiter for longer

Boutique whitening 3ml top up syringe, simply top up at home in your custom made trays. This syringe is 16% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel.

Treatment price
Boutique Whitening £350
Boutique Whitening Single Springe Top up Gel £37

"They really tailored the treatment to what I needed."

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