Maintaining Dental Bridges in Top Condition

Dental bridges are designed to last for ten years and more but this lifespan can often be severely shortened by lack of proper maintenance. Once properly fitted and bedded in, a dental bridge looks and feels like natural teeth. The bridge can be looked after in the same way with a few additional measures to ensure the best possible condition is maintained.

– Brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste

– Have teeth regularly cleaned by a dentist

– The bridge should be regularly assessed

These basic measures also aid in the ‚Äúprevention of gingivitis and periodontitis‚ÄĚ and more information can be found at

Reasons a Root Canal May Fail

smile, oralhealth, dentist, teeth,Root canal work is a common procedure performed on adult teeth. New technologies and anaesthetics help to ensure that a root canal procedure is as comfortable as possible. The treatment is usually very effective but on a rare occasion, it may fail.

Reasons for failure:

– An error by the dentist

– Erosion of the tooth or sealant over time

– An additional canal in the tooth not spotted by the dentist

– An obstruction that caused incomplete cleaning of the canal

– Vertical cracks in the tooth

– Leakage in the restoration

– Poor dental hygiene

People who experience severe continuous pain should report it to the endodontist for further evaluation.

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